The three dimensional dream catcher

Symbolized by 
a heart for love and an eight
for infinity

The possibilities are INFINITE...

Buen Año

(ø = 17 cm, L =  93 cm)


In order to weave a dream catcher for you, I need some specific information: date of birth, a photograph, what are your dreams? How is your sleep? According to the situation, a dream catcher having minimum 10-15 cm (diameter) will be necessary. Indicative prices, according to the gemstones, feather and material used . Larger diameters are naturally possible! Payment at the time of the definitive order (price not including delivery).


The dreams are 
the mirror of your soul

about me

In 1997, I travelled with my son during one year in South America. In Cusco, Peru, I learned how to manufacture dream catchers. It was a revelation.

After our return, I wanted to know more about the history of dream catchers. Cheered up and captivated, I discovered that dream catchers have a long tradition and that they have been worshipped on many continents for a very long time. 

I was able to improve thanks to the help of an Atacameños = "a Chilean Indian “.

I have been weaving personalized dream catchers for some time now and have thus been able to help some human beings in the world of their dreams..