Stories which happened with dream catchers


Regina handed me my first dream catcher almost one year ago. At that time, after my mother's death, of whom I had taken intensively care during almost half a year, I dreamt every night. Most of the time, I dreamed of her during the last few months before her death. Each time, I knew she was going to die, but in the dream, she was still alive. And each time, I woke up trembling and agitated and it was difficult for me to get back to sleep. From the very first night after the catchers was installed, those dreams stopped and I could at long last sleep quietly and I could tackle the day in good shape. Thank you so much Regina!


Of Mrs S., client, age 32 

Since childhood, I often had bad dreams. Some nights, I woke up yelling. In particular, I often dreamt that people were in my room or walking there. They were not doing anything but it really was most unpleasant. I also dreamt about wars where people with fire arms chased me; I felt threatened and then hid. I often dreamed about mad things and in the morning felt as if I had not had enough rest.

I have known Regina for several years and I knew she manufactured dream catchers. During the day, I always forgot I had bad dreams at night that is why I never thought about dream catchers. However, as I always waited for quite a long time to get off to sleep fearing bad dreams, I ordered a dream catcher. Regina immediately got to work and the small catcher of the beginning became a big – and very beautiful – copy.

I have it since several months and I am delighted. The horrible dreams completely disappeared. A pity I didn't think about this earlier! 


Of Vroni, 50 years,

My husband always slept very badly. I never knew him otherwise and we got married 30 years’ ago. He has problems to get to sleep, to sleep and he is often disturbed by strange dreams. When Regina told me about dream catchers, I evidently immediately ordered one for my husband. Shortly after, he received the catcher specially manufactured for him. I was very excited to hear what my husband was going to say about this wonderful dream catcher and also to see how it was going to work. Unfortunately, my husband never said anything and today, I still do not know more…

Anyhow, he sleeps much better and more quietly. His problems of uninterrupted sleep have nearly disappeared. His life is really much better, he is calmer and poised. I warmly recommend s Regina’s dream catchers. 


The ominous dream catcher

A colleague, 36 years old, wrote the following:

I have known Regina for several years. When she started talking about her dream catchers, I was more than skeptical for a while. I knew it from Indian history, but I didn't really know what to do with it. But then I had some deep dreams that were so realistic that they frightened me. At that time I often spoke to Regina on the phone and told her about these dreams. Finally, I ordered a personal dream catcher from her and hung it up at home immediately. But not in the bedroom, but in the office. And what can I say: since that night, dreams have not returned! If someone had told me that before, I would not have believed it.

Conclusion: I can only recommend the dream catcher! They are also beautiful to look at. Written after half a year with their dream catchers.